What Happens in Vegas…

“In a city of illusion, where change is what the city does, it’s no wonder Las Vegas is the court of last resort, the last place to start over, Continue reading


Hello? It’s Me.

Nine months! That’s how long its been since I’ve posted anything on my here. I would be lying if i said I’m not disappointment in my self for how long it took me to get back on here, however i do have a good reason. Continue reading

Is it a Coat? is it a Cape?

‘I feel like i should be someones boss in this!’

This Sunday i decided to take the ‘Cape-Coat’ for a little test drive.

First stop was breakfast, then a trip to Ikea, and then some shopping (obviously with a photoshoot break against the nicest wall ha!)

Honestly i did feel a little self conscious at first but that very quickly disappeared as they day went on, i spotted few people looking me up and down or the more discreet ones would smile as they look at the coat. A couple people even asked me where its from and complimented the outfit, including the the owner of the cafe we had breakfast in earlier in the day.

My verdict on the cape is that i LOVE it!

I think their fun, bold and just add a little bit of creativity to a simple outfit. Though i can say ¬†that as much as i do love the cape i won’t be walking around the streets with all my jackets hanging off my shoulders, as i feel thats just not practical for everyday. This type of jacket helps you achieve that edgy fun look without having to walk like a robot so it doesn’t fall off your shoulders when you try to reach for your phone, keys or top shelf!




Skirt РSimilar one 

Roll neck Top

Cape Coat РSimilar 

I really want this one too  РCape 


Taking my gloves off (literally)


I was trying my best to hold my laughter in!




‘You need to be the right shape to wear a bodycon dress really’



Jacket – River Island

Dress РAvailable to buy 


Well, here is the thing…I’m not a size 8 so I don’t fall into the slim category neither am i a size 14/16 so i don’t fall into the plus size category, but either of these sizes can look just as great in these dresses. My frustration comes from feeling as though every time there is a step forward in the fashion industry (which is a a lot thanks to all the positive body movements and people working on this), there is simultaneously a group of people being excluded and left feeling ‘uncategorised’, as if that is somehow a bad thing.

So this post is for anyone feeling fed up with this issue.


A Year Later…

So a year after creating my first blog I’ve decided enough time has gone by for me to really decide if I have anything worth writing about (still debatable) but let’s see. I believe the blogging world is a double-edged sword when it comes to exposing too much or too little so let’s begin with the basics.

I have always had a creative flame resonating inside me that sparks up from time to time, several things that held me back from ever starting a blog are the same thoughts I think that haunt most people in this day and age of social networking and expectation; ‘Who’s actually going to care about what I have to say?’ Continue reading