Hello? It’s Me.

Nine months! That’s how long its been since I’ve posted anything on my here. I would be lying if i said I’m not disappointment in my self for how long it took me to get back on here, however i do have a good reason.

Just over 5 moths ago now i did the most adult thing yet, i got married. Yep! Me and Oz spent 18 months prior to this day carefully planning, creating, and hiring people for one HUGE day. This isn’t the part where i go on to explain ‘how stressful wedding planning is’ and ‘omg i just wish i could of paid someone to do it all’ because in all honesty, it was an absolute blast! We had so much fun planning it all, and we was also lucky enough to have close friends & family who loved being involved and on hand whenever we drew blanks.

This is actually the part where i go on to explain how much was going on that i genuinely did not have the mental ability to sit and write a post without something else popping into my head and distracting me, i literally had a draft saved on here from April which i had started but never finished because of this very reason. I also didn’t want to post something half heatedly since that wouldn’t be true to me. (i love how I’m explaining myself like there’s a crowd of people desperately waiting for my next post ha!)

It has been a super busy year, and once May was in that was it. First up was my Turkish henna party, followed by a hen do in Budapest, and the the actual wedding itself followed by our honeymoon, where our heads finally stopped spinning and we woke up on a deserted island somewhere.

This brings us to mid June, fast forward through a quick trip to Turkey, another hen do and a couple more weddings, we are now in October. Whoops!

So as you can see it has definitely been a jam packed year, but one i am absolutely loving.

The reason I love it isn’t because i got to wear a wedding dress, or because i got married but because of the memories that were built with so many people during the run up, behind the scenes and away from the center of attention. Small significant moments that someone else may think is not even worth mentioning but for me is absolute gold, and always will be.

So now that i have my reasons for being off the radar, i can get back to writing and posting.


Mr & Mrs


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