‘You need to be the right shape to wear a bodycon dress really’



Jacket – River Island

Dress – Available to buy 


Well, here is the thing…I’m not a size 8 so I don’t fall into the slim category neither am i a size 14/16 so i don’t fall into the plus size category, but either of these sizes can look just as great in these dresses. My frustration comes from feeling as though every time there is a step forward in the fashion industry (which is a a lot thanks to all the positive body movements and people working on this), there is simultaneously a group of people being excluded and left feeling ‘uncategorised’, as if that is somehow a bad thing.

So this post is for anyone feeling fed up with this issue.



8 thoughts on “BodyCon-Fidence

  1. Those dresses were adorable on you! You’re right. Right now, it does feel that the fashion industry is either talking about “thin” girls, or plus size. The people from the sizes of 12-16 seem to be left out. Hopefully, soon they’ll have some sort of focus.

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