Goodbye 2014…It has been fun!

As the last day of 2014 draws to a close I find myself doing a little reflecting, (how cliche right?)

2014 for me personally has been great, I don’t have anything I can really complain about (or should), I have my health and I’m generally happy! Which to be honest is the most important.

There have been some amazing moments and great nights in 2014, but to sit and name every single one I would not only bore you as you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the full scale of amazing having not been there (its true) but i would also end up rambling on and that would annoy you, which as a new blogger I definitely am not aiming for. So to some up the year for me here are my greatest moments;

Finally getting to go to New York!



Times Square posing!

So not only did I go to New York, I was going as a bridesmaid for my my cousins wedding (their love story alone will have you crying but I won’t go into that, all you need to know is that the wedding was AMAZING!)IMG_0813

Like the excitement of being in New York for the summer and having attended a very close cousin and his beautiful brides wedding wasn’t enough my two best friends decide to surprise me and take a flight out, just showing up at the hotel room door as we are getting ready to go to Staten Island for the day!

I have never been so scared, confused, and happy all at the same time especially with them having whatsapp’d me that morning pretending to be at work in London.

This was a pretty amazing surprise (but there was one more thing I didn’t know, that they and nearly all my friends did!)


Lastly and probably the most significant part of 2014 for me is one that again is based in New York (maybe my future self knew this, and thats why I was obsessed with going ha!)

August 5 2014 after enjoying a delicious meal in Little Italy and taking a cab to Battery Park, my boyfriend of seven years got down on one knee while I was posing for a picture facing the skyline along the Hudson River Waterfront and proposed….


I could easily go on and on about how magical and dream like the entire summer felt due to these moments plus more like getting back to London and having a surprise congratulations party put together by more amazing friends, but i won’t because I know I will never be able to explain or capture  just how special it all was through writing. So I leave you with these pictures to help sum up the highlights of 2014.

Along with many other special moments, 2014 has been filled with love, friends, family, adventure an happiness.

So i can definitely say I’m looking forward to 2015, lets see what you bring.

Tonight I am wearing a black shimmery dress from River Island that i absolutely love, teamed with a little retro half up half down hair do and smokey glam eyes  which i totally used sellotape for to minimise shadow mess (but still messed up somehow) haha!

Cheers to all the people that played a part in this wonderful year! Here’s to more!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!



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