Warm and Chic! Can We Have both?

November has drawn to a close and the countdown to one of my favourite holidays officially begins, and its not National Cotton Candy Day (even though that is an amazing day and I totally think we should make a big deal out of it)

I’m talking about CHRISTMAS! The one time of the year that most of us will consume a weekly intake of calories in one day! Joy!

Having been born and raised in London I have always made an effort to be festive, even though my parents were not born here they certainly enjoy the love that surrounds this holiday as well.

Mum and me will cook up a storm in the kitchen on Christmas day, presents will be given, and games will be played. I am also a self confessed Christmas tree hunter so every year I make it my mission to go on a hunt for the best tree I can find, there is something about real trees that make me feel just that bit more merry.

So when it comes to dressing up for warmth and style in the dead of winter lets be honest most of us will wake up after snoozing at least once and find the comfiest outfit to put together before heading to work. Unless you have a uniform in which case this would more then likely be the season you appreciate this most.

For me a winter wardrobe has less to do with not having the right items and more to do with knowing how to put them together. ‘Tis the season we get to layer up with scarfs and chunky knits, thick tights and sexy boots!

Something as simple as adding a strategic belt, a pop of colour, pairing summer maxis with tights to beat the chill or even floral jackets in slightly muted palettes. This can tie an outfit together and make it look complete rather then piled on.

This year there have been all sorts of combinations on the high street from pastel leathers and fluffy cropped jumpers to all black outfits with a splash of tartan, there is so much variety!

Just like Caitlin Moran wrote in How to Be a Woman, I to believe this is true; “When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.”

So in this post I have put together a few outfits that I believe are great for winter months and vary from colour palettes to self-style.


‘All Black Chelsea Girl’

A good pair of boots is a must have for the colder season, Chelsea boots are great as they do not seems to fade from year to year and are very comfortable. An almost all black outfit is just so chic and simple anyone can wear this and feel great! The sunglasses for me are a must; it adds the extra edge to the entire ensemble. A light lip colour with hair in a loose bun or pony is perfect!greychic

‘Comfy & Stylish Errand Runner’

This is the comfy, cosy outfit with the sporty edge that is just so amazingly easy to put together. The small details that make this outfit so great for me is the watch, rucksack and of course the oversized jacket! (ok maybe not so small)

sexy chic

‘Texture Clash Flirt’

This outfit is like a sexier spin on the previous outfit, same colour combinations and texture clashes, however changing the black skinny jeans to a leather flare skirt and adding the thigh high suede boot creates a more flirty vibe.


‘Neutral Comfort’

The earthy tones mixed with a denim shirt and parker jacket works so well in this cold, the mixture of creams and browns immediately adds a cosy depth to the outfit, a denim shirt is another must have in my opinion, it is so diverse throughout the year it can be used in collaboration with so many outfits. I added a selection of hats depending on how you you prefer to wear this outfit, i love both!

‘Maroon Confidence’

Lastly this is one of those outfits that just look so effortlessly glamorous because of how minimal the colours and items are, the black, maroon and denim fit so well together. Red and any shade of red has alway been a favourite of mine but there is just something about maroon in winter that feels like its just meant to be.

All the combinations I have put together can be tweaked to personal preference weather that is choosing to add more accessories or bulkier shoes. The number one thing I would look out for is having at least one item with each combination that has versatility, so that you don’t feel as though your restricted to how and when you can wear it again

Keeping a wardrobe minimal and having the right items can make all the difference. So when it comes to style, practicality and beating the chill, if you choose your items wisely then you most definitely can have ‘Warm & Chic’.


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