A Year Later…

So a year after creating my first blog I’ve decided enough time has gone by for me to really decide if I have anything worth writing about (still debatable) but let’s see. I believe the blogging world is a double-edged sword when it comes to exposing too much or too little so let’s begin with the basics.

I have always had a creative flame resonating inside me that sparks up from time to time, several things that held me back from ever starting a blog are the same thoughts I think that haunt most people in this day and age of social networking and expectation; ‘Who’s actually going to care about what I have to say?’

Well, to be honest, I’ve had more than enough time to decide if this would bother me or not, result being ‘not’. Yes I totally accept that it would be super cool to have people interested in what I’m saying or be even slightly inspired with anything that I post however it’s really not the be all and end all for me. For me this is an outlet of creativity and a way for me to express anything that I find interesting, annoying, inspiring and motivating.

I don’t want to simply add to the over-saturation of fashion bloggers and feel like I’m just blending in, I feel that the field has become filled with too many bloggers who dress the same and share the same seasonal posts. It’s becoming difficult to tell one from the other, which I genuinely think is a shame because everyone has a unique sense of style.

Blogging is fun and creative, a way of cultivating your own voice and owning that!

I have had so many conversations with people who will see a great fashion post on Instagram and love the entire outfit only to find out that its going to cost them their entire months wage. This makes me think that it’s all become a little bit too serious, where’s the fun? Do we really want people to feel like the only way to become a successful blogger is to accumulate mountains of debt trying to obtain the ‘bag of the moment’ or the latest Valentino heels? If you can afford this then that is fabulous, if you can’t then so what? This doesn’t suddenly make you an unsuccessful blogger.

I strongly believe that fashion is subjective; I have days where I wake up and feel very girly and want to throw on a pleated skirt with a cute top, do my hair in a braid with a barely there make up look, on the flip side I will wake up the next morning and feel quite sporty, throw on a pair of harem tracksuit pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt with a leather jacket and some hi-top converses, tie my hair in a high pony tail and focus solely on my eyes with make up.

The small details are what put together outfits and I’ve always loved seeing what people put together that isn’t necessarily ‘in’.

I’m going to stop the rambling now because I get the feeling I’m going to repeat myself and become annoying.

So to wrap this introduction up, my blog will have bits and pieces of fashion and lifestyle. I will be posting shots of myself doing my best ‘I’m a natural in front of the camera’ and ‘when shall I fake laugh’ moments, as well as street fashion because ultimately that’s what I love and that’s what inspires me the most, real people.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I hope you laughed at least once 🙂



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