Is it a Coat? is it a Cape?

‘I feel like i should be someones boss in this!’

This Sunday i decided to take the ‘Cape-Coat’ for a little test drive.

First stop was breakfast, then a trip to Ikea, and then some shopping (obviously with a photoshoot break against the nicest wall ha!)

Honestly i did feel a little self conscious at first but that very quickly disappeared as they day went on, i spotted few people looking me up and down or the more discreet ones would smile as they look at the coat. A couple people even asked me where its from and complimented the outfit, including the the owner of the cafe we had breakfast in earlier in the day.

My verdict on the cape is that i LOVE it!

I think their fun, bold and just add a little bit of creativity to a simple outfit. Though i can say  that as much as i do love the cape i won’t be walking around the streets with all my jackets hanging off my shoulders, as i feel thats just not practical for everyday. This type of jacket helps you achieve that edgy fun look without having to walk like a robot so it doesn’t fall off your shoulders when you try to reach for your phone, keys or top shelf!




Skirt – Similar one 

Roll neck Top

Cape Coat – Similar 

I really want this one too  – Cape 


Taking my gloves off (literally)


I was trying my best to hold my laughter in!



Take the Plunge

‘I cant wear a bra with this’

In this post i stepped out of my comfort zone and took pictures in a dress i would usually just say i cant ever get away with.

Weirdly enough it was kinda liberating and fun to do! Obviously i was still self critical of almost every picture but i did it and posted online for everyone to see.

So heres me, strutting my stuff in a very racy dress!

reddress2 Jacket – Zara

Dress – Available to buy (please email me)

Shoes – Reiss 



A low plunge dress is definitely a tricky one but nothing tit tape or a low plunge bra cant sort out!

Although i was a little worried about how much this would hug onto my body and not really flatter anyone with a little extra junk, it fits really nicely, a great length for my 5’1 frame! (I’m wearing a UK 12)




‘You need to be the right shape to wear a bodycon dress really’



Jacket – River Island

Dress – Available to buy 


Well, here is the thing…I’m not a size 8 so I don’t fall into the slim category neither am i a size 14/16 so i don’t fall into the plus size category, but either of these sizes can look just as great in these dresses. My frustration comes from feeling as though every time there is a step forward in the fashion industry (which is a a lot thanks to all the positive body movements and people working on this), there is simultaneously a group of people being excluded and left feeling ‘uncategorised’, as if that is somehow a bad thing.

So this post is for anyone feeling fed up with this issue.


Oil Cleansing

I have read so much about oil cleansing and how contrary to belief, cleansing your skin with oil is actually better for your skin. I did some research before i took the leap but to explain it in the simplest terms; putting oil on your skin makes your skin think it has already produced oil therefore not needing to again, whereas when we use cleansers and toners that can strip our skin of oils we can cause more breakouts as the skin becomes quite dry and taught therefore the skin needs to produce more oil and end result being a dreaded breakout (ahhhh!)

History with my skin doesn’t date too far back, when i was a teenager i didn’t really have severe acne, the odd hormonal pimples yes but other then that i was fortunate. Fast forward to my mid twenties its a whole other story, i think at the age of about 25 i noticed i suddenly had really bad skin. I was breaking out a lot, my skin became scared from pimples and i literally hated having to put make up on to cover it all up which would only end up making it worse anyway.

After a few trail and errors along the way it came to light that this was triggered by hormones (who knew that could happen after your teens!)

As a result i did have to start taking Microgynon 30, which helped balance a lot of the hormones and within 3 months my skin had cleared up significantly. However this little tablet also started causing migraines so i had to come off them immediately due to being at risk of a blood clot or stroke.

Obviously a replacement tablet was offered and i decided to continue and see what would happen, thankfully i didn’t suddenly become a pimply 20 something year old again. Phew!

Now getting to the point of this post (sorry to ramble on) at 28 years old i have recently discovered that my skin actually breaks-out more when i use shop bought cleansers and toners. I noticed this when one week when i forgot to do my facial cleansing routine and after the first couple days thought this could be a good experiment to see if they actually do anything. Apparently not, well for me anyway.

That made me look into the more natural cleansing methods and one link led to another and i was ordering Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, & Rosehip Oil. Im new to all of this so i got a little carried away, but Hemp has so many benefits and one of them being for skin, the chances of this oil clogging your pores is 0. Yes an oil that is not going to clog your pores because it comedogenic rating is 0, meaning it will not clog your pores!! 

Jojoba oil has a rating of 2 and Rosehip has a rating of 1, so these are pretty good oils in terms of not wanting to clog your pores or break out. One thing worth noting is that when you first try oils out on your skin to see which is best for you, you will have some breaking out or as many bloggers call it a ‘purging period’ where your skin is actually getting rid of toxins due to change in cleansing.

I am in love with all of these oils, i bounce between using jojoba and hemp as my cleanser and moisturiser and i use Rosehip oil 2-3 times a week once my pores are open and cleansed after a shower. A couple drops gently massaged in helps heal scar tissue and even out the skin tone.

I have been doing this for a few weeks now and i have not looked back, don’t get me wrong i have had the odd spot develop but nothing like i had before and they heal so much quicker (literally over night) that I’m even amazed in the morning. I have also been able to use less make to cover up scars which is the best thing for me as i don’t like to use heavy make up on a daily basis at all.

All in all the oil cleansing method has definitely worked for me and i would recommend it to anyone who is having difficulty finding something that works for them, especially with acne prone skin. Just be sure to do your research before hand and don’t expect any miracles if you are not looking after your body internally as well as externally.


Here is a list of benefits for each oil that i use;

Hemp Oil    

Redness, Itchiness, Dry patches, Blotchy skin, Skin tone, Inflammation

Jojoba Oil 

Treats Acne, Moisturises Skin, Anti-Inflamotary, Treats Skin Infections, Fight Ageing, Makeup Remover, Regulates the Product of Sebum

Rosehip Oil 

Treats Acne Scaring, Sun Damage, Protection Against Premature Ageing, Pigmentation, Natural Source of Vitamin E & C, Natural Source of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9),

This is how i use them in my day to day life; once I’m in the shower and my pores have opened up from the steam i massage a tablespoon of hemp oil on to my skin gently then i get my face cloth and pat away the residue. Once I’m out of the shower and my skin is still damp i massage a few drops of Rosehip onto the areas of my skin that have scars and let it soak in. If i am having a day when my skin is dry i will use some jojoba with that as it is a brilliant moisturiser.

If I’m not doing my cleansing in the shower i just use a face cloth which i have ringed out after holding under hot water and place that on my skin so my pores open and do the same thing i would in the shower.

Its that simple!

I will do an update of how my skin has responded in a couple months, as i have read that the benefits of Rosehip can take anything between 3 weeks to 6 months.



P.s one small annoying thing about Hemp Oil is that it has to be kept in the fridge , so it does mean a bit of back and forth but i just tip a tiny bit into an empty pot and pop it back in the fridge.